Meet AIEOP’s Psychosocial Working Group  

Coordinator Dorella Scarponi

Tell us a little bit about your background as Coordinator of the Working Group?

My background experience as coordinator started within the Psychosocial Working Group, developed over the years thanks to the innovative drive of our current consultants, experts in Psycho-Oncology dedicated to the pediatric and adolescent age.

What is the overall goal and in addition a specific current goal of the WG?

Our pride is the daily commitment that all members have in maintaining contacts within the national AIEOP network, sharing clinical and research procedures.

What is your WG’s greatest aspiration?

Our greatest aspiration is to see the stabilization of resources dedicated to pediatric psycho-oncology in order to ensure continuity of the culture of care within the clinics, shared training and the implementation of research activities applied to the clinic.

What is your hope for the future of your field of work globally?

We hope to maintain the collaborative atmosphere and determination necessary to face the inevitable difficulties associated with group work in pediatric oncohematology and to know how to cultivate new resources for the future.